How to survive the January blues?

Happy New Year gorgeous! 

Beginning of the new year is an exciting time. We set new goals, we think of what we can do in the new year, we look forward to all those exciting moments that are ahead of us. After all, we wake up with the blank sheet of paper and have another opportunity to create the life of our dreams. Who wouldn’t be excited? 

But very often January is a stressful and overwhelming month. We set new goals for both our personal and professional life. We want to change a job, get promotion, earn more money, save more money, loose weight, eat less, drink less, exercise more, exercise harder…..Even writing this made me feel anxious and stressed! All of the above is what majority of my clients set themselves to do and what was on my New Year resolution list each year. 
The social pressure to have ambitious goals and execute them all in January, and share it on social media, doesn't help. Driving around yesterday I saw so many people running in a bitter cold.. and I felt guilty. I thought I should be running too; being healthy and exercising more is on my list of goals this year after all. I felt like I'm not doing enough and even thought about going running too! Just to clarify, I haven’t been running for few years now and it is not a form of exercise I do and love!! Crazy, hey! 

So I am starting this week with reminding myself on how to enjoy January and ensure I achieve what I want this year. Below, I share with you my top three ways to enjoy this month, hope they will help you too! 

#1. Take small steps- slow down!- remember that Rome wasn't built in a day! You don't have to do it all in January and you don't have to achieve it all in January too! Each goal is quite a substantial change to your lifestyle, so give yourself a time and start small. Think of what is the easiest thing to do and go for it! If you want to exercise more and be healthy, don't start 5 days a week exercise regime and no carbs and fat diet! Think of one thing you can do!-start with walking more, taking stairs instead of the lift, eating more vegetables, or drinking more water.
Taking small steps will make you enjoy implementing your goals more and as a results you will stick to it for much longer than January 😃.

#2. Be kind to yourself- You are doing the best you can, always! So don't beat yourself up. Even if you are not doing everything perfectly! It is still much better than if you weren’t doing it at all! It is about progress, not perfection! Be nice to yourself instead of being harsh, be kind and after each day write down all things you did well and you are happy with. Don’t forget to look after yourself- relax, get enough sleep, look after your body and mind! It is all important to make sure you are not exhausted at the end of the month!

#3. Have fun- The most important yet so often forgotten! What is the likelihood of you achieving your goals if you are dreading doing it every day? hmmm… probably not high…So think how you can make what you are doing more fun? You might want to set yourself a challenge with a reward at the end, you might want to change a way you think about it, you might want to do it with your friends, colleagues! Add fun element to it and enjoy it! 

Hope the above help you to have the best January yet!! To your success!

P.S. I would love yo hear what you are doing to achieve your goals and make it more fun? Comment below or drop me a note!