I’m Justyna, a Career and Life Coach and the woman behind Brand YOU.


My clients describe me as passionate, insightful and honest. My family and friends would add fun-loving, decisive, impatient, outside-the-box thinker and rule-breaker!

I am an optimist, life lover and happiness seeker, on a mission to help you create the career and life you LOVE.

I want you to wake up every morning excited about the day ahead.

I want you to have a job that has meaning for you, a job that makes you feel fulfilled, a job that makes you grow and gets you closer to your goals.

I want you to be confident and proud of what you have achieved so far.

I want you to believe in yourself and that you can achieve anything you want.


And most importantly, I want you to enjoy every moment of that journey.

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My Why

My Why

I often get asked by my clients WHY do I do what I do and HOW did I get started?

And yes, you might think the same? After working for over 9 years in a recruitment and talent management role, I was in quite a comfortable position.  Working for one of the top professional services firms, I had a great role with a lot of opportunities for the future.  I could progress into a more strategic role and take on more responsibilities. Perfect job, you might say?

So why did I decide to leave it all and start Brand YOU?

Crazy… you might think, and there were quite a few people saying that at the time!

You see, the job wasn’t quite me.  Although I liked many parts of it, the more senior I got, the less I was doing what I really loved: working with people and helping them achieve their full potential.

My corporate role encompassed a lot of elements I was good at, but it wasn’t what I loved!

More importantly, throughout my career I attracted, interviewed, assessed, hired and oversaw the development of hundreds of people at different levels and ages. I worked with many recruitment managers, directors and CEOs helping them attract the right talent. I was always fascinated that some people shine throughout the recruitment process and succeed whilst others are completely paralysed and fail to get the role they aspire to, despite being more than capable of doing so. I wanted to change that.

But most importantly, I decided to start Brand YOU because I have been through that journey myself.  Ironically, I got into the career management field, because I didn’t know what to do in my own life and somewhat hoped it would help me to figure it out.

You see, we spend over 80% of our waking hours in work, so if your job doesn’t make you happy and fulfilled, it will have a huge impact on your confidence, relationships, health, finance and family life.


And how do I know this? Because I was there...

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My Story

My Story

Let me tell you my story, but first of all, thank you so much for reading this far.

For as long as I can remember, all I wanted in life was to be happy and successful. Well… maybe apart from when I was five and wanted to be a butcher’s wife - don’t ask me why.

Being born in the early 80s, I grew up with a belief that “if you get a good degree, a good job and work hard you will be successful and happy.”  My parents and teachers repeated it so often, I had no choice but to think it’s true.

That’s what I did -  best in my class at school, graduated with a law degree at university, it all seemed fine. Law wasn’t quite the right choice for me, I didn’t enjoy it, and to be honest, wasn’t as good as my peers as a result.  I decided to find another job which involved working with people, because that was at least something I enjoyed and was good at. 


Fast-forward five years, four corporate jobs and I still hadn’t found the “dream job”. I wasn’t happy and I wasn’t as successful as I imagined myself to be. I even moved to another country to find that job!

I didn’t know what to do next, I was stuck and confused. I lost my confidence and passion for life. And worst of all it started affecting other parts of my life: my relationships, my social life and my health.

I really hit rock-bottom and I didn’t know how to get out of it.  The only thing I knew was I couldn’t carry on like this. I reached out for help, found coaches and started studying personal development.  It became a passion and complete obsession. It took me 7 years, a lot of hard work and tears - studying life coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), positive psychology and neuroscience - to get where I am today.


Today I can say it was the most beautiful journey of self-discovery which has completely transformed my life.

Today I can say with all my conviction and belief that the ONLY way to success is knowing YOU.

Success starts in your mind.

You need to be YOU: everyone else is already taken!

I want to share my knowledge with you and help you achieve everything you ever wanted in life.


Because you are WORTH IT, because you DESERVE it and because you CAN.

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My Philosophy

My Philosophy

I’m a big believer:

I believe we all CAN be successful and happy!

I believe you have everything you need to be successful, you just might not see it yet.

I believe success starts in your mind, what you believe, what you think about yourself and say to yourself determines the quality of your life.

I believe if we knew how, we would already be there.

I believe if you want to change your life, you need to change your thoughts first.

I believe you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

I believe people see in you what you see in yourself - self-awareness is the first step to lasting change.

I believe that to succeed in today’s life, we need to bring our unique strengths, passions and talent to the table.

I believe there is no such a thing as failure. You only fail if you don’t try.

I believe you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.

I believe you are amazing.


I believe in YOU.

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My Inspirations

My Inspirations

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want already and copy what they do and you will achieve the same results” - Tony Robbins

The last 7 years of my journey have been magical. By no means am I saying they were easy, or I haven’t had bad days when I was fed up.  But that’s not life,hey. If everything was easy, life would be much less exciting. I live by my life motto - Carpe diem. I wake up every morning to do everything in my power to make the most of each day and focus on what makes me happy.

Because life is too short to live it for someone else’s expectations!


My favourite teachers

When I started on my journey, there was no-one to show me the way. I had some wonderful coaches who I will be grateful to forever.  But my determination and obsession to live life on my terms meant I spent hundreds of hours studying the people I most admired and training with the best. I have been privileged to complete various training programmes by Tony Robbins, Wayne W. Dyer, Brendon Burchard, John Assaraf, Vishen Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols, T. Harv Eker, Michael Beckwith, Jon Butcher and many more.


My  favourite books

It’s a difficult choice as there are so many wonderful books out there to inspire you. But these are the ones, which have influenced me the most.

  • “Life is a gift”- Gill Edwards
  • “Feel the fear and do it anyway”- Susan Jeffers
  • “Happiness Advantage”- Shawn Achor
  • “Code of the Extraordinary Mind”- Vishen Lakhiani
  • “How to win friends and influence people” - Dale Carnegie

My favourite quotes

You probably know by now, I love inspirational quotes: there is nothing that inspires you more to keep going.


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