Every level of your life will require a different YOU; different goals, different mindset and different habits
— Justyna- Founder of Brand YOU

hi, Im Justyna,

Founder and CEO of Brand YOU, Executive Life and Health Coach, Transformational Mentor and Wellbeing Consultant .We live in the world where the only constant is change. We are expected to do more and be more. I created a Brand YOU as a platform to facitilate change and success of individuals.

Are you ready to take your life and your business to the next level?

It all starts with YOU! - are you ready?


Our mission

I am here to serve you and show you the way. You can have more freedom and live a more fulfilled life. You can have a successful career utilising your unique abilities and passions.  You can wake up every morning excited about the day ahead, and feel unstoppable and happy.

Be Unique, Be Different, Be Authentic, Be the Real YOU!

I believe all women CAN have a career and life that fulfils their dreams and desires.  I also believe YOU already have everything you need to succeed - you just haven’t unleashed it yet. Whether it is a promotion or new job you really want; whether you feel unfulfilled and “stuck” in your current job; or whether you are at a crossroads and don’t know which direction to take.


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My intensive programmes are designed to deliver the results you want fast. Together we explore and understand, like never before, your professional accomplishments, dreams, passions, talents and goals, and help you create an empowering, effective action plan for BIG results you'll love.


1:1 Career Coaching

One hour private, powerful and laser-focused sessions designed to get to the heart of what you want in your professional life and make it happen.


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We will discuss in more detail how I can help you, explain how coaching works and what programme would be the best for you! We will get to know each other and discuss over coffee how we might want to work together on your exciting journey!



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